Descubra Minho is a Clean & Safe certified tour operator

Descubra Minho is a "Clean and Safe" certified tour operator!

Turismo de Portugal has launched the "Clean & Safe" label certification.

This label certifies companies which are compliant with the hygiene and cleaning requirements, set by Turismo de Portugal and the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), to prevent and control COVID-19.

Companies need to submit a "Declaration of Commitment", to receive the "Clean & Safe" label.

In addition to the "Declaration of Commitment", Descubra Minho will implement the following precautions and procedures during all their tours:

      1. Each booking will be treated as an individual, private booking with your own guide. No additional people will be added to your group / booking.

The tour guides will wear a protective face visor during all of the tours;

      3. Before the start of all tours and transfers, digital thermometers will be used to take the guide's and client's temperature.

      4. If someone has a temperature between 38ºC, the tour guide will call the local health hotline (SNS 24), for further instructions.

      5. Hand sanitizer gel will be available on all of our tours and during transfers.

      6. During a transfer, our staff will use masks and gloves. Additionally, they will disinfect the car before and after each transfer.

      7. At the picnics: The clients will have their own table with their own products. The guide will sit at a different table, 2 meters away from the clients, with their own products as well. There will be no sharing of food or beverages between the guide and the clients during all of the picnics.

      With these new precautions and procedures implemented, Descubra Minho will start running tours again from the 1st of June 2020.

     Our highest priority has always been the safety of our clients and staff. This ensures that everyone can enjoy nature with peace of mind.